Peard Finance

The Application Process

  1. Initial appointment to discuss and consider best options available from our panel of lenders takes place. Once  the lender of your choice is selected we then complete all relevant loan application and supporting documentation requirements in readiness to submit the application.
  2. Loan is formally written up and submitted to lender for approval.
  3. Lender attends to credit assessment and any other enquiries.
  4. Any additional information requested by lender advised.
  5. Deal conditionally approved and valuation ordered. Mortgage insurer’s approval requested (if applicable).
  6. Valuation returned and conditions of approval met.
  7. Deal unconditionally approved and notice provided to all relevant parties -  Borrowers/Real Estate, Agents/Settlement Agents.
  8. Loan documents prepared- solicitors instructed and letter of offer issued to applicants.
  9. Letter of offer signed and returned with supporting documentation (i.e. Insurance details noting lender’s interest).
  10. Proceed to Settlement- Settlements and draw down of funds completed.